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Big East Football: Ranking the Running Backs

South Florida's Demetris Murray
South Florida's Demetris Murray

Athlon Sports has posted its preseason ranking of Big East Running backs. To no one's surprise, Ray Graham of the Pitt tops the list. He has not seen action since his mid-season injury last year but, Athlon says,

Through the first eight games, Graham posted 958 yards, including 201 in the opener against Buffalo and 226 in a 44-17 victory over South Florida. His production was even more impressive considering the struggles of the passing attack and an offensive line that never seemed to jell.

Under new head coach Paul Chryst, he should have every opportunity to recapture that success.

The rest of the Top 10 is as follows:

2. Lyle McCombs (UConn)

3. Matt Brown (Temple)

4. Jawan Jamison (Rutgers)

5. Demetris Murray (USF)

6. Jeremy Wright (Louisville)

7. Dominique Brown (Louisville)

8. George Winn (Cincinnati)

9. Lindsey Lamar (USF)

10. Isaac Bennett (Pitt)

How do you rank the running backs?