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Connecticut Basketball: NCAA Denies Final Appeal, Huskies Ineligible For 2013 Big East, NCAA Tournaments

The NCAA denied Connecticut's final appeal to be allowed to participate in next season's NCAA Tournament because its Academic Progress Rate (APR) falls below the NCAA minimum standard. UConn sports information director Paul Chardis tweeted this earlier today:

Now a flurry of questions will be asked of UConn basketball. Facing a season with no chance of participating in either the Big East Tournament or the NCAA Tournament, will Jim Calhoun retire? Will Andre Drummond and Jeremy Lamb go ahead and declare for the NBA Draft (both are expected to anyway, this ruling by the NCAA will likely just seal that decision)? The NCAA's decision has already lead to the departure of Alex Oriakhi, who is now allowed to transfer elsewhere without having to sit out a year. It also leaves the Big East Tournament with 14 teams instead of the usual 16 since West Virginia is gone to the Big 12 Conference.

As was noted in the tweet above, the only hope for being allowed into the postseason now is if the NCAA makes changes to the APR calculation process that results in UConn's average being high enough to qualify.