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Bizarre Early BCS Championship Odds For Big East Teams

These things constantly change, but, early indications are that nobody at Bovada watches Big East football. That probably shouldn't come as a surprise, but, it's still worth pointing out. The Bovada sports book has early odds for next year's BCS Champion and happens to list a few Big East football teams. The problem? None of them make sense.

There's probably not much sense in offering odds for any Big East team to win the BCS title because there's no chance the powers that be would allow a 12-0 Big East team to play in the title game. Nevertheless, the three teams that are given odds are Cincinnati (100-1), Pittsburgh (125-1), and South Florida (200-1). By all accounts, Louisville and Rutgers are the favorites to win the conference. Why bookmakers aren't offering any kind of odds on either of them is unclear to me.

Additionally, there are serious reasons to doubt any of the three teams given odds will even win the Big East, much less the BCS. South Florida has a very challenging schedule, Cincinnati is replacing a half dozen key players including its quarterback, star tailback, and defensive stalwarts J.K. Schafer and Derek Wolfe, and Pittsburgh is on its fourth coach in three years and has a number of questions, in addition to a schedule that features several difficult games.

I'm likely missing something and it's probably a good reminder that I should never gamble on anything because I never win and casinos never go broke. You can view all of the Bovada odds after the jump.

USC 4/1
LSU 9/2
Alabama 11/2
Oklahoma 10/1
Oregon 10/1
Florida State 12/1
Georgia 14/1
Arkansas 15/1
Michigan 25/1
Notre Dame 25/1
Texas 28/1
Virginia Tech 28/1
Clemson 30/1
South Carolina 30/1
West Virginia 30/1
Nebraska 35/1
Wisconsin 40/1
Boise State 50/1
Florida 50/1
Kansas State 50/1
Michigan State 50/1
TCU 50/1
Auburn 60/1
Miami (Florida) 75/1
Mississippi State 75/1
Oklahoma State 75/1
Cincinnati 100/1
Iowa 100/1
Missouri 100/1
Penn State 100/1
Stanford 100/1
Washington 100/1
California 125/1
Pittsburgh 125/1
Arizona 150/1
BYU 150/1
Georgia Tech 150/1
Tennessee 150/1
Texas A&M 150/1
Boston College 200/1
Oregon State 200/1
South Florida 200/1
UCLA 200/1