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Report: Temple To Join The Big East In 2012

While it is not yet clear if it will be just for football, or for all sports, Temple is returning the to the Big East in 2012. The Big East is expected to announce today at noon that after a vote this morning of the league's presidents, Temple will join the conference. University of Houston President Renu Khator already tweeted this morning that the conference had voted to add an additional member.

Brett McMurphy of CBS Sports is also now reporting that Temple will join the Big East for football in 2012. The two remaining questions are whether or not all Temple sports will join the Big East next season or just football and then all other sports in 2013 and whether or not the Big East will simply slide Temple into the schedule slot that would have belonged to West Virginia.

Either way, the Big East has apparently solved its scheduling dilemma for the 2012 football season and will be able to host a conference title game beginning with the 2013 football season, even if Pittsburgh and Syracuse are allowed to leave for the ACC before the 27-month waiting period is over.


According to multiple outlets, it appears that some of questions raised above have been answered. Temple will pay the MAC $6 million for its football team to be able to leave right away and play in the Big East in 2012. The school's other sports will remain in the Atlantic 10 Conference for the 2012-2013 season and will then joining in the fall of the following season. Additionally, Temple will be given the conference schedule that would have belonged to West Virginia, according to Brett McMurphy:

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