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Report: Temple Move To The Big East 'Imminent'

According to Keith Pompey with the Philadelphia Inquirer, Temple's departure from the Mid-America Conference (MAC) for the Big East is "imminent". Pompey writes that a source within the MAC told him:

"With strong certainly, a move is imminent," a source said Tuesday. "The MAC was working on the buyout clause this weekend.

"It’s a move that absolutely is going to happen. I’m telling you man, it is happening."

The question of a buyout amount is the biggest hold up to the move, according to Pompey. The MAC bylaws call for a $2.5 million buyout, but that is with a two-year waiting period. Since Temple would be leaving immediately, that buyout will obviously be increased. In keeping with other reports earlier this week, Pompey also reports that the Big East could vote Wednesday to extend an invitation to Temple.

The Big East presidents could vote Wednesday on Temple’s membership in the conference at a regularly scheduled meeting in New York.

According to a Big East source, the Owls are on the agenda "as a possible vote on a new member" to join the league in 2012. That would take care of urgent football-schedule needs for the conference. The Big East needs an eighth football member for next season, because West Virginia left for the Big 12.

Adding Temple for the 2012 season would give the Big East the 8 football teams that it needs for the upcoming season. It would also give the conference 12 football playing members and allow it to host a conference championship game in football beginning in 2013 instead of having to wait for Navy to become a football playing member in 2015.

Stay tuned to our Big East Expansion section for additional news on Temple (and anyone else) joining the Big East.