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Scoop Jardine, Kyle Kuric, Ashton Gibbs Among Big East Players Likely To Play In The Portsmouth Invitational Tournament


The Portsmouth Invitational Tournament is just about two weeks away. From April 11 through April 14, front-office personnel from every team in the NBA as well as from virtually every European basketball club attend the tournament to scout prospects from this year's college basketball senior class. Unlike the NBA Draft Combine, which works players out individually and in combination with other players in skills drills, the Portsmouth Invitational makes teams of the invited players and allows them to play together in a tournament.

According to Draft Express, some seniors, already confident of their draft prospects, will likely not accept an invitation to the game. That list includes Marquette's Jae Crowder, West Virginia's Kevin Jones, and Syracuse's Kris Joseph. Still, there should be plenty of Big East players in attendance, hoping to be the next Jeremy Lin, Landry Fields, or Chuck Hayes. Guys that made an impression with scouts with their performance in Portsmouth. Here's a list of the Big East players expected to be invited to the tournament.

Yancy Gates - Cincinnati

Henry Sims - Georgetown

Herb Pope - Seton Hall

Ashton Gibbs - Pittsburgh

Gus Gilchrist - South Florida

Scoop Jardine - Syracuse

Kyle Kuric - Louisville

Jason Clark - Georgetown

Jordan Theodore - Seton Hall