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A Quick Note About Our Coverage Lately And Going Forward

Before delving into the games yesterday, apologies to those of you looking for more coverage of Big East teams and their performance in the NCAA Tournament here on Big East Coast Bias. Full disclosure, I've lost my co-manager, my lovely wife gave birth to our first child just ten days ago, and I host the postgame radio program for ESPN 680 here in Louisville and while I've enjoyed continuing to get hours while Louisville has run through the Big East and now NCAA Tournaments, the confluence of all of these things without much help on hand has severely limited my ability to produce for you.

That's all about to settle down and while it's slightly late, there will be plenty of coverage from here on out. I've got some new contributors ready to step up and help with both football and basketball coverage that I think everyone will enjoy. I am very grateful for your patience with me as a struggling new dad and for your support of Big East Coast Bias.