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South Florida Doesn't Exist, At Least To The Obama Bracket Challenge

President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are sponsoring a bracket challenge. The challenge allows you to enter your bracket predictions and try your best to beat President Obama and his predictions. The challenge even promises to give you national bragging rights if you beat the President by publishing the list of names of the people whose predictions are more accurate than President Obama's. Pretty cool, eh?

Unless you're South Florida, that is. The Bulls reached the NCAA Tournament for the first time in 20 years and will play in one of the four "First Four" games in Dayton, OH. If they win, they'll move on into the then field of 64 as a 12 seed. The problem with the Obama Bracket Challenge? His bracket thinks that USF is not the South Florida Bulls of the Big East, but the University of San Francisco Dons of the West Coast Conference. See below.


We imagine that the intern in charge of setting the website up is not the world's biggest sports fan and won't be in charge of the Obama Bracket Challenge next year.