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Bracketology: The One Where South Florida Is In


For the first time this year, as far as I can see anyway, South Florida appears in the field in a projected NCAA Tournament bracket. Jerry Palm of CBS Sports has his up to the minute bracket projections that include last night's action, and he projects 10 Big East teams in the NCAA Tournament. Virtually all bracket projection up to today had nine Big East teams in the field, but with South Florida winning at Louisville and Cincinnati blowing out Marquette, it's becoming increasingly likely that both the Bulls and Bearcats will make the Tournament.

In Palm's bracket, here's where the Big East teams fall in each of the four regions:

  • Midwest - Georgetown is a 3 seed, Seton Hall is a 9 seed, and West Virginia is a 10 seed.
  • East - Syracuse is the 1 seed, Notre Dame is a 7 seed, Cincinnati is an 11 seed, and South Florida is in the play-in game as a 12 seed.
  • West - Marquette is a 3 seed and the only Big East team in that region.
  • South - Louisville is a 5 seed and Connecticut is an 11 seed.