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Big East Lawsuit Vs. West Virginia In Rhode Island Continued

Following a status conference today, Rhode Island Superior Court judge Michael Silverstein has continued the case between the Big East and West Virginia.

"The result of the Big East/WVU conference with Judge (Michael) Silverstein this morning is that the matter is continued to an unspecified date for another status conference."

"The Rhode Island case continues on a path toward trial, though Judge Silverstein is certainly open to news of a settlement if that happens in the interim. The judge did not disclose anything more specific than that regarding his discussions with the attorneys this morning."

Various media reports indicate that WVU and the Big East are near an agreement that would settle the lawsuits each has filed against the other. Any settlement will include a payment of damages to the Big East by WVU.

It's now up to West Virginia to recruit a school to replace them for 2012 if they don't want to pay more in damages. We've got a suggestion for them, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see that scenario. Or in the alternative, the case could go to trial, which we don't expect.

For more coverage West Virginia's attempt to leave the Big East early, stay tuned to our Big East Falls Apart section