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Big East Expansion Update: Memphis And Big East Reportedly In Negotiations

The Memphis Tigers and the Big East are reportedly in "the final stages of negotiations" to add the Tigers in all sports.

Will the move be for next year so the Big East doesn't have to play football with just seven members? Nope. The date is for 2013 which doesn't do the league a bit of good this upcoming football season. Memphis is a founding member of Conference USA which might give them the freedom to depart a conference which might be blown up anyway for a merger for the Mountain West. If we're being honest, they need to move for the 2012 season, as awkward as that might be.

Memphis football is arguably the worst FBS program right now. Their basketball program is a much different story. If the basketball members of the league need to be appeased by expansion, this is their kind of move.

The departure of West Virginia early for the Big 12 in 2012 (which we have no doubt is happening) could also lead to Syracuse and Pitt trying to join the ACC in 2013, a year ahead of schedule.

What do you think about this potential addition to the Big East? Memphis to the Big East could be announced as early as this week, if it is indeed happening.

Stay tuned to Big East Coast Bias and our Big East Expansion section for more news on the subject.