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Jim Calhoun Taking Medical Leave Of Absence Effective Immediately

Connecticut Huskies basketball head coach Jim Calhoun will be taking an immediate medical leave of absence. Calhoun has spinal stenosis, a lower back problem that is caused by a narrowing of the spinal column which causes pressure on the spinal cord. Calhoun has been dealing with this issue for months according to his doctor, Peter Schulman.

"Last summer, Jim had some significant back pain and has seen two excellent back specialists," Schulman said. "The initial approach recommended to him was stretching, physical therapy and exercise, and that was successful for several months. It turns out that there is some degenerative problem in the lumbar vertebrae and it's impinging on the nerves. It has led to significant back pain and some symptoms in his lower extremities. (via Zags Blog)

Schulman concluded, "Right now, he is physically unable to coach."

Calhoun will not coach this weekend against Seton Hall or next Monday against Louisville. His timetable for return has not been set.