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Report: Temple In Talks To Join The Big East In All Sports As Early As 2012

Still looking for an additional team to replace West Virginia for the 2012-2013 season, the Big East is reportedly in talks with Temple to become a full sports member. According to a report from Pete Thamel in the New York Times, the Big East and Temple are working to move Temple's football from the Mid-America Conference (MAC) and its remaining sports from the Atlantic 10 to the Big East. Thamel reports:

The Big East is in discussions to add Temple for all sports as early as the next school year, according to someone briefed on the talks. Temple belongs to the Mid-American Conference and the Atlantic 10 in various sports and there are legal issues that have to be dealt with before the Owls would be able to leave. A resolution is expected this month.

Within the next month, Temple will also have to inform the new conference formed by the merger of the Mountain West and Conference USA of its intentions. Temple has been asked to join that league.

Thamel notes that the addition of Temple would bring the Big East to a total of 13 football schools and 18 basketball schools for the future. The MAC has previously played football and hosted a championship game with 13 teams. Adding Temple now would allow the Big East to play with 12 schools once Pittsburgh and Syracuse leave even though Navy will not be joining the league as a football playing member until 2015. It would also provide a needed boost to the basketball side of the conference and it doesn't hurt that Temple is located in one of the largest television markets in America.

Stay tuned to the Big East Expansion section for additional news on this developing story.