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Pitt Athletic Director On Paying Higher Amount To Leave Big East Early: 'NO'

Pittsburgh will apparently not be leaving the Big East early. The Panthers' athletic director Steve Pederson told Jerry DiPaola of the Pittsburgh Tribune the answer to the question on paying a higher amount than the $5 million Big East exit fee in one word: "No."

There had been speculation in the Pittsburgh media that Pitt would try to leave in 2012 as West Virginia did for the Big 12. So much for that. If Pederson is so adamant that the Panthers will not be throwing any extra money at the Big East to leave early, then Pitt might stay the full 27 months of the Big East exit period. You have to wonder if that decision would lock in Syracuse until 2014 as well.

And in case you were wondering about the potential of Boise State to join the Big East in 2012, there was this tweet from Brett McMurphy today.

Stay tuned to our Big East Falls Apart section for more on the departures of Pittsburgh and Syracuse.