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Cincinnati's amazing version of the jump pass

Cincinnati pulled off a different version of the jump pass on Saturday in its win over Syracuse.

You mad, Marrone?
You mad, Marrone?
Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

Tim Tebow made the jump pass popular during his time at Florida. Since then, a number of teams have run their own version of it. I don't believe we've seen anyone run it quite like this, however. With Florida, Tebow took the snap from shotgun and plowed forward like he often did, before stopping and jumping to throw the ball. With Cincinnati, the Bearcats started out in an offset I-formation and Munchie Legaux actually handed the ball off to running back George Winn who began to run off tackle like you would on a normal running play. As Chris Brown of Smart Football pointed out, the Bearcats even pulled the right guard to help sell the run action of the play.

However, Winn didn't run it. He stopped and threw it to the tight end Travis Kelce. If you watch the replay, Kelce does a great job selling his reach block before turning up field and finding himself wide open for the touchdown pass.