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Notre Dame is literally throwing the game away against the Pittsburgh Panthers

The heavily ranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish are fighting to stay in the national title hunt where they play teams that are for lack of a better phrase, absolutely completely subpar. I would love to watch another team play their schedule and see them underperform every year. You may call me a hater but when your first bowl win comes against Hawaii since the 1980s, you can go ahead and call me a hater. Notre Dame is literally throwing the game away and I find it hilarious. The Pittsburgh Panthers were literally called a dumpster fire by sports media and now they are about to possibly knock off the Irish. Even if they don't, because things are changing drastically in the last seconds of the game, it's hilarious and they have no business in the BCS National Championship Game. We all can't play Tennessee's School of the Deaf and Blind every week. Don't worry guys, Notre Dame will continue to collect crazy amounts of money from NBC and remain independent. No one at ESPN will talk about the Big East yet the Panthers took them to the wire. I hope the pollsters watch these videos and make an informed decision but they probably won't. They have the "Touchdown Jesus" and "Rudy."

Video Courtesy of @NAWTADIGM and