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Bono visits Georgetown, calls Otto a fruit

U2 lead singer Bono visited Georgetown University and spoke about a number of topics, including calling Syracuse's mascot a fruit.


Georgetown fans hate Syracuse. Syracuse fans hate Georgetown. That hatred has always made for a fantastic college basketball rivalry in the Big East. Sadly, that rivalry will either disappear or at least change when Syracuse exits the Big East for the ACC next year. Nevertheless, the hatred and mocking associated with it will never go away and we got yet another reminder of that this week when U2 lead singer Bono visited Georgetown and spoke to a group of students about the American Presidential election.

In discussing the abundance of negative ads run by both presidential candidates, Bono imagined negative election-style ads being run by colleges:

"HELLO WE’RE GEORGETOWN AND WE APPROVED THIS MESSAGE," he then said, in a sinister, attack-ad sort of way.

"Let me say a few words about some other fine schools you might be considering. UVA, Thomas Jefferson, what have they done for you? Syracuse, a school whose mascot is a fruit. Duke, a school that worships the devil.

"At Georgetown, you’re in with the other guy. Georgetown has God on its side. Everyone knows God is a Catholic, right? Two words, Frank Sinatra, that proves it."