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Gangnam Style: Boise State head coach Chris Petersen

Gangnam Style videos are everywhere, but this one is our favorite. Courtesy of "Anthem21", here's Boise State head coach Chris Petersen, Gangnam Style.

Ethan Miller - Getty Images

Gangnam Style is the king of the internet right now. That being the case, it would incomplete if someone didn't work Boise State, Chris Petersen, Kellen Moore, Gargamel, Nick Saban, the Smurfs, and Bobby Petrino into such a video. Well, you asked, so here it is. "Anthem21" (I confess I do not know who this person is, other than it is a poster on the famous LSU message board Tiger Droppings. He posted this video here and oh do I thank him for having done so.

I'm not a big message board guy, but, I can say with certainty that our LSU brethren produce some of the best photoshop/.gif artists on anywhere on the internet. If you've not familiarized yourself with the glorious work of "LSUFreek", you're missing out. Without further delay, here's the best of the Gangnam Style parody videos: Chris Petersen and his Boise State companions show you how it's done.