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Louisville using Munchie Legaux's claim as motivation

As has been their habit this season, Louisville is using something from an opponent, via the media, has a source of motivation for Friday's game.

Andy Lyons

Munchie Legaux told a group of assembled local media that he thought Louisville Teddy Bridgewater was a good quarterback. He also told them he thought he was better. Tomorrow night's game already promised to be the most intense home game of the season for Louisville with Cincinnati being an old rival and both being in contention for a Big East title. Legaux's words have added to the intensity.

Under Charlie Strong, Louisville has used a number of things for motivation. Magazine predictions, comments from ESPN commentators, and quotes from other coaches have found their way to the Louisville football office walls. The comments from Legaux are no different as ESPN sideline reporter Jemele Hill captured when she visited the Louisville football complex in preparation for tomorrow night's game.

Before I could finish writing this, Jemele Hill deleted the Tweet with the picture in it, but I saved a copy of it. This is it.