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Temple football working to schedule last minute game with Hawaii

The Temple Owls have been short of a 12th game on the schedule because of the late move to the Big East. Now, the Owls are trying to find a game at the last minute and might have a partner to do so.

Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE

The Temple Owls decision to the leave the MAC and join the Big East for football left the program short of the usual 12th game. With just 11 games, the Owls' chances of making the postseason were greatly diminished. The Owls searched for an opponent for much of the summer while working to avoid a simple paycheck game against an overmatched FCS program. It appears that, seven weeks into the college football season, the Owls might have finally found an opponent, halfway around the world: Hawaii.

According to a report in the Star-Advertiser, the Owls are discussing playing an early December game against Hawaii to complete the season. The report states:

Temple has approached Hawaii about trying to schedule a football game against the Warriors at Aloha Stadium this December.

UH is looking at the possibility.

"It's very far from a done deal. We're going through the due diligence," acting athletic director Rockne Freitas said.

UH has received clearance from the Mountain West for the venture and is awaiting the same from the NCAA, Freitas said.

The agreement would give Temple a 12th game and give the Owls, who have already upset wins over Connecticut and South Florida, a chance to get another win if bowl eligibility is still possible by the end of the season. Also, December trips to Hawaii are pretty nice no matter what the reason.

(ht: @CFTalk for tipping me off to the story)