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Open Thread nightcap: Cincinnati is going to kill Fordham on a good day for the Big East

It's been a good day for the Big East, now in the evening, the conference's 3rd unbeaten team faces FCS for Fordham, looking to improved the top of the league to 7-0.

Justin K. Aller - Getty Images

Cincinnati hosts FCS foes Fordham tonight and already has a lead. If the Bearcats roll, as expected, the top three teams in the Big East will finish the week 17-0 (Louisville is 6-0, Rutgers is 6-0, and Cincinnati will be 5-0). All three look to move up in the polls with the losses of a a couple of teams in front of them. Also helping the Big East's long term cause today? The best non-conference wins for the team's top three teams all won today. Virginia Tech beat Duke, North Carolina beat Miami, and Arkansas is leading 14-0 against Kentucky early with the game suspended due to lightning.

Settle in, enjoy the Bearcats' rout, the night games around the country, and bask in what has been another good week for the conference. We'll have more in-depth analysis of the day's game later, but final comment for now is a big congratulations to Temple for another upset Big East win to improve to 2-0 in the conference. The Owls belong.