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Audio: Rick Pitino Upset About Reporting On Louisville's Practices

After this week's 31 point loss to Providence, Louisville head coach Rick Pitino has been less than pleasant with the local media. Today, in a press conference to preview the upcoming game with DePaul, coach Pitino let it be known that he was displeased with the way that his practices were portrayed by Louisville Courier-Journal reporter C.L. Brown in this article. It is extremely debatable to me whether or not anyone could reasonably read Brown's piece and believe that it was "negative" at all, much less negative to the point that it required being addressed by Pitino publicly.

Pitino's frustration with the media has obviously risen as the team has struggled, losing four its last five games. Nevertheless, letting the frustration get to the point that you claim that one article is hurting recruiting or was somehow less than accurate when it really didn't make any claims is unfair to Brown. You can hear the pertinent portion of the audio beginning at the 12 minute mark.

Rick Pitino Pre-DePaul Audio provided by our good friends at ESPN Louisville.