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The First 2011 Big East Basketball Roundtable Wraps Up

The St. John's SB Nation site Rumble in the Garden has been hosting a Big East Basketball blogger roundtable which has now wrapped up. If you haven't seen this series yet, there is a lot for you to catch up on before the next series as this one was a 5-parter.

Part one focused on the biggest loss for each program. You could have guessed that UConn was going to miss Kemba Walker, but how about Corey Stokes over Corey Fisher for Villanova? Part Two dove into which player for each team needs to emerge for their squads. The third part came up with some names of surprise players. Mike Marra was named as a surprise player for Louisville, which was not what I expected. There are probably some other names you didn't expect either on this list. Part Four listed newcomer players bloggers were excited to see. There are plenty of guys you don't probably know about in this section. For my money, it was the most interesting part of the whole series. The closing section tabbed players as the future of the program. For Cincinnati, it was the entire incoming class. Cleveland Melvin and Brandon Young are obviously DePaul's future, but what about Marquette? Would it surprise you to hear that their player of the future is not a guard?