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Connecticut Governor: ACC or, Hey, the Big East is Always a Fallback Plan

Dannel P. Malloy, the Connecticut governor, has now weighed in on conference realignment.

I think there was expectancy built up initially that this was quickly going to be resolved. That's clearly not the case. The ACC has the first decision to make and that's whether they're going to stay at 14 teams or stay at 16. I know that there's one team, one school that they would like to get into the ACC that would guarantee them going to 16 teams and that's been speculated to be Notre Dame. I suspect that that's true. I don't know how likely that is to happen or not happen. Although, I tend to think it's not terribly likely.

But, if the ACC sticks at 14, what do you do if you are UConn? "Beyond that you fall back to the Big East."

Here's the no longer hidden angle to try to get in the ACC, Malloy is a Boston College alum. He wouldn't disclose if he had lobbied Boston College or not. Mengus thinks the Big East should #bootuconn after this news, what do you think?