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Louisville President Believes They Will Be in a BCS Conference Even if Big East Dies

Louisville president James Ramsey is the latest school official to make a realignment statement. He thinks that the Cardinals will be in a BCS conference whether or not the Big East survives. This is the case now, but it wasn't always like that.

Ten, 12, 15 years ago we would not have been in a position where we would be as attractive athletically in terms of facilities and everything other than basketball.

Ramsey was hopeful, not certain, that the Big East would add football schools and "remain very competitive" (insert embarrassing Big East football commercial about how competitive [read, anyone can win this conference] the conference is here). But, what if the league doesn't survive realignment? Ramsey said "I think we're attractive and will have other options."

What options, yes plural, do you think Louisville has if the Big East falls apart? I would think the Big XII could come calling. If that happens, it would provide Louisville a safe harbor for about five years. Then what happens?

The most interesting thing about this statement about the possibility that the Big East will not survive is that on Wednesday we heard from Ramsey that the football schools' goal was to make the Big East stronger. Louisville seemed to be all-in. Are they now looking for the exit?