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Connecticut President Talks to Boston College About ACC Bid

The UConn blog found this realignment nugget: Connecticut president Susan Herbst spoke with Boston College president Fr. William Leahy, S.J. about Boston College blocking UConn's entrance into the ACC. After Boston College left the Big East during the last realignment, Connecticut sued them. Sure we aren't talking about the same people running things these days as back then, but isn't that the whole problem with realignment? Whatever happens now can easily be blown up in 5-10 years when the players change again. It seems to me that it is more than just Boston College preventing Connecticut from joining the ACC. Pittsburgh was sue happy back during the last realignment too and how much trouble did they have getting into the ACC this time?


As TNIAAM noted, a local station in Connecticut is saying the ACC would be happy to ACCept the Huskies, if they bring Notre Dame along with them. That's a way "of saying no without insulting you. It means I will consider it for eternity."