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Big East Will Try To Add Navy and Air Force as Football Only

Tom Luicci has the latest on the Big East's "aggressive" plan to get "BCS-caliber institutions." Those plans include adding Navy and Air Force as football only members...and hoping that Army joins the conference as well (which would be the first time since their awful stint in Conference USA).

Temple and Villanova are also thought of as options, but not both schools. From Conference USA, the Big East reportedly dismissed Houston, Memphis and East Carolina. In fact, the only school from that league that could still get a look is UCF. Luicci said there is push back from South Florida on adding UCF. USF fans would you tell us if you would hold back UCF in these dire straits?

This information comes from officials who refused to be named due to the fact that negotiations haven't started yet in earnest. One of them said that Navy and Air Force would be "on board". There had previously been speculation about whether or not Navy would still be interested after Syracuse and Pittsburgh left (yes, the league still intends on holding them to the 27 month exit strategy). Army isn't sure if they will join or not. Having the other two service academies could change their mind.

Our question is any of this appealing to you?