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West Virginia Athletic Director Oliver Luck Statement On Big East Meeting

Well, we didn't have to wait long after the UConn email about doing "what is in the best interests for the University of Connecticut" to hear from West Virginia. Here is Oliver Luck's statement which Blue and Gold News tweeted in two parts:

President Clements and I represented West Virginia University at last night's BIG EAST meeting in New York. The group concluded the meeting with a strategy to recruit top level BCS-caliber institutions that match the league's strong athletic and academic histories and traditions.



As I stated before, WVU is an excellent flagship, land-grant University, with national-caliber athletic and academic programs. We are, and will remain, a national player in college athletics. The conference office will coordinate any further discussion on this issue.

This statement actually includes the words Big East so that's different than the last one. However, the statement doesn't include anything about being a proud member of the conference or anything along those lines.