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USA Today: Big East Football Schools To Meet Face To Face

The USA Today's Kelly Whiteside is reporting that the remaining Big East football school university presidents and athletic directors will meet face to face tonight to discuss the future options of the conference. Whiteside said that TCU will also be represented at the meeting. This is an encouraging sign that TCU is still in some ways engaged with the Big East after there were some reports yesterday that it was still welcome to stay in the Mountain West Conference should its future conference home dissolve. 

The report did not specify whether or not the schools publicly campaigning to leave for the ACC (Rutgers, Connecticut) would also participate. With the reports today that West Virginia has at least been informally rejected by the ACC and SEC means that at least Louisville, South Florida, Cincinnati, West Virginia, and TCU will be in attendance and working on the future plans of the football side of the conference. We'll await confirmation that UConn and Rutgers will also be a part of this meeting.

What will they discuss? 

One of the Big East officials said the group will examine every option for every scenario and that they will be ready to act quickly should the opportunity present itself. The official cautioned that decisions made by the Big 12 -- league headliners Texas and Oklahoma are weighing their options, which include trying to keep that league together -- could alter things greatly.

With reports out that Missouri has an SEC offer and that the SEC is willing to wait for the Big XII to dissolve, we're not closer to a clear answer on the conference's future than we were yesterday.