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Big East And Big 12 Discuss Merger

So let's just say the Big 12 and Big East fall apart. Neither breaks up fast enough for one to pick the bones of the other. What situation does that leave? A merger!

There is a hitch to this master plan. While the Big East did its part by not making Syracuse and Pittsburgh feel special enough to stay, Texas and Oklahoma are still technically Big 12 members. However, if and only if those schools (and tag a longs Oklahoma State and Texas Tech) bolt for the PAC 12, the Big East and Big 12 could merge. The two sides have talked about this possibility, according to some anonymous source that talked to the AP. I'll tell you this much, I worked the phones over this morning and there wasn't anybody who wanted to say anything on the record or off the record or even anonymously. I'm especially looking at you, Iowa State.

Let's pretend for a second that this merger happens. What does it mean for the basketball schools? Form your all Catholic school basketball only league? Could the Big East preserve its BCS status after such a merger? I'll try to call the BCS again and see if we can get an answer.

Hold on to your hats and drop us some conference names in the comments.