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Rutgers Not Worried About Being Left Out of Superconferences

Rutgers athletic director Tim Pernetti had his press conference today with the media. Here's Pernetti on the Scarlet Knights' future in one of the rapidly forming superconferences: "Am I concerned about Rutgers getting shutout? I am not." It should be remembered that Pernetti applied to be the Big East commissioner when John Marinatto did and the conference chose Marinatto. Would Pernetti have done a better job? I'd like to say an unqualified yes, but it's little consolation now.

Pernetti also said "we have great assets and we will continue to be a player during this time as the landscape continues to shift." If you compare that to West Virginia athletic director Oliver Luck's statement, Rutgers seems to be taking the same tack. Like Luck's statement, Pernetti didn't even say the words Big East from the reports we've seen.

Unlike some of the other statements, we have a time frame from Pernetti. The future of the college sports "industry" will be changed in the next thirty days.

You have to think that Rutgers is an ACC target. However, neither the conference nor Pernetti wanted to discuss whether or not Rutgers had applied for membership. Pernetti did say that Rutgers is "engaged in talks with several parties."