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Update: Cincinnati and Louisville Wish to Remain in Big East, Baylor and Iowa State Reach Out

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Brett McMurphy was told by Louisville's athletic director Tom Jurich that Louisville's "intention to stay in Big East, but will explore all options w/in [Big East] & outside conference." In addition to Louisville's statement through Jurich, Cincinnati's interim athletic director Bob Arkeilpane said "We prefer to stay in the Big East with that grouping of schools at this point in time." The president of Cincinnati Greg Williams said "The Big East is a viable organization. I think they can survive. Syracuse and Pitt are great schools, but the Big East is a strong conference."

We're hoping that they know something we don't about who the Big East will pull in to replace Syracuse and Pittsburgh. The Big East has contacted all of the remaining Big XII schools with the exception of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State.

Mengus thinks that the conference is dead if Syracuse and Pittsburgh leave. That move is now a "done deal," apparently, and the ACC will announce that the addition of Syracuse and Pittsburgh on Sunday.

We know that the Big East has previously reached out to Kansas, Kansas State and Missouri. Baylor and Iowa State have reached out to the Big East recently because of the potential for the Big XII to breakup. Will Cincinnati and Louisville's show of loyalty and the possibility of adding disgruntled Big XII schools save the conference? The league appears to have been caught off-guard, again. Stay tuned.