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Play The Conference Expansion Choose Your Own Adventure Game

My friends Kristi Dosh of The Business of College Sports and Chadd Scott from has created something that you can waste a solid hour playing around with, as if you haven't already played through all of these scenarios in your head before. Scott's creation? A choose your own adventure conference expansion game. Yes, choose your own adventure books were popular back before kids had cell phones and video games and they still had to try and imagine things! Here's a sample question:

Does Texas A&M join the SEC?



Answering that question brings you here:

What does Oklahoma do?

Stay in the Big 12

Join the Pac 12

Answer yes and you get more options!

The Big 12 has survived conference realignment...again. Who should it add to replace Texas A&M?






I won't run you through the whole thing, but have a little fun with it yourself here.