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NCAA Football 12 ESPNU Game of the Week: Louisville vs. Kentucky

Big East Coast Bias video game news alert!

Right now you can go and tip the scales in Louisville's favor in online play in NCAA Football 12's ESPNU Game of the Week: Louisville vs. Kentucky. The winner gets the virtual Governor's Cup. Louisville leads the modern series (since 1994) 9-8, but Kentucky has won the last four games in a row. Home teams are only 7-10. So go represent the Big East like I just did with a 23-14 win for the Cardinals. As of right now, despite my best efforts, Louisville is trailing Kentucky 34-30 (on PS3). So now it's your turn to help out the Cardinals.

Here is the play that sealed the game for Louisville in my game:



We can do this, everyone. Don't worry about what you saw last Thursday. Will Stein can run for 33 yard touchdowns right up the middle of the field and throw two 40+ yard touchdown passes in the virtual world.