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Big East Coaches Teleconference Notes

Here are some shorthand notes I wrote up while listening to today's Big East Coaches Teleconference. Some coaches had a lot to say and some weren't asked many questions so pardon the differences in the amount of content per coach.

Greg Schiano - Thought the UNC game was a tough game. Felt there were plenty of opportunities for the team to win the game. Disappointed they didn't get sacks but was happy to hit the QB ten times. Attributed the lack of sacks to Renner getting rid of the ball quickly. Felt Khaseem Greene played really well at linebacker. Says the offensive linemen need fundamental improvement and the "right five guys". Schiano says they're getting closer to inserting Kaleb Johnson into the lineup. Said the offensive line's improvement won't happen overnight and while it bottomed out last year, is only just beginning to turn around this year. 



Paul Pasqualoni - Didn't score enough points and weren't consistent enough. Defense allowed too many big plays. Both McCombs and Shoemate will both play this week in a split rotation. Says the offense must eliminate the mistakes at crucial moments that kept them from sustaining drives. 

Charlie Strong - Disappointed and frustrated in the loss to FIU. Not a very good football team right now. Coaches not doing a good job coaching, players not doing a good job playing. Says Kentucky is a very good football team. Says its not just the offensive line is struggling. Says the defensive line is also not playing as well as he'd hoped they would. Says the offensive line just needs to gel and get used to playing together. Said he'd hoped they would get better every week and that it will take some time for them to develop. Felt that Will Stein played well outside of the one throw that was returned for an interception. 

Todd Graham - Felt the team didn't close the game well. Disappointed to have a chance to go up 35-7 and turn the ball over. Says the defense continues to move Brandon Lindsey around, likes the way he's playing. Will continue to line him up in multiple places to take advantage of his athleticism. Would have liked for the offense to play a lot better. In 26 series, the defense has forced a three and out 17 times. Said they have not had consistency from the quarterback position that is holding the offense back. Said there have been issues with the offensive line because the quarterback is holding the ball too long. Noted they've allowed six sacks in maximum protection. Sunseri will start at Iowa, but had planned on playing Trey Anderson all along. There is no quarterback controversy. Said Ray Graham is a wonderful safety net for the offense as the rest of the offense gets settled into the new system. Said the receivers have been very inconsistent except for Mike Shanahan

Dana Holgorsen - Said the team wasn't ready to play this week. Said it was probably because the team didn't respect the opponent. Said some of it was also due to only having two practices in a short week instead of the normal four. Said having a full week of practice is key, especially since Maryland will have had two weeks to get ready for this game. Said the key will be to start fast and try to keep the home fans out of the game. Holgorsen said he has a lot of respect for Randy Edsall and what he's accomplished at the places he has coached. Said the offense doesn't have to have a set number of rushing yards, he just needs to ensure that the opposing defense fears them being able to both throw and run.

Doug Marrone - Chandler Jones will not be available for Syracuse this week as they travel to USC. Marrone said no Big East team has won at USC in 1957 when Pittsburgh did it. Said he loves the leadership from Marinovich and that he will likely be the game captain Saturday. Said the defensive line played adequately without Chandler Jones but will need to continue to get better to have a chance against USC this weekend.

Butch Jones - Said this was a big week for the team to get back to fundamental football and situational excellence. When you play a good team like Tennessee, every mistake is magnified. Said he would attempt to convert the short yardage downs again if he had a chance to do it all over again. Said he felt it was important to show confidence in his team on the road against a team like Tennessee. Felt the play calls were good and that they saw the defenses they expected, but just didn't execute.

Skip Holtz - Said he was happy with the way the team bounced back from an emotional week last week. Said he was concerned with the red zone and third down execution but was still overall happy with the way the team played. Said he really likes what he sees from BJ Daniels. Said Daniels is much more poised and confident than he was a year ago and is a much more vocal leader. Said he likes what Darrell Scott adds to an offense as a big power back in their spread sets. Joked that at 245 he shouldn't be hurdling people but instead running them over.