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Penn State's Tom Ricketts Transfers to Pittsburgh

Stop me if you've heard this one before: football player transfers to Pittsburgh. Penn State offensive lineman Tom Ricketts has just become the eighth 2011 transfer for the Pittsburgh Panthers.

During this offseason, Pitt has landed the following transfers:

Defensive Back: Cullen Christian and Ray Vinopal (Michigan), E.J. Banks (Notre Dame)

Linebacker: Juan Price (Ohio State)-he's going by Juan now

Wide Reciever: Josh Brinson (El Camino College), Brendon Felder (North Carolina)

Running Back: Zach Brown (Wisconsin)

Ricketts, a 2010 high school graduate, redshirted for Penn State last year and will be able to play for Pittsburgh after he sits out 2011. Ricketts said about his decision to sign with Penn State

I made a decision (to go to Penn State) as a 17-year-old kid at the end of my junior year and never got a chance to think it through

Ricketts (6-6, 285) was ranked as the 19th best offensive tackle prospect in the country and the sixth best prospect in the State of Pennsylvania by Rivals.

He'll begin practicing on Monday at the left tackle position.