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Tracking the Big East in the NCAA Record Book

Before the 2011 college football season kicks off, BECB decided to dive into the 128 page NCAA Record Book and see what records we could find for the Big East. There are two current Big East teams not in it: Connecticut and South Florida.

There are more records than I've listed here (I have a four page word document of notes), but here is the list of the records that belong only to Big East players and teams through the 2010 season:

Teams Having 3,000 Yard Passer, 1,000 Yard Rusher and Two 1,000 Yard Receivers in the Same Year:

Rutgers 2007: Mike Teel (3,147 passing), Ray Rice (2,012 rushing), Kenny Britt (1,232 receiving), Tiquan Underwood (1,100 receiving)

Most Yards Gained by a Quarterback, Career:

Pat White, West Virginia, 2005-2008: 4,480 yards (634 rushes)

Most Consecutive Games Catching a Touchdown Pass, Career:

Larry Fitzgerald, Pittsburgh, 2002-2003: 18 (last six games of 2002, first 12 games of 2003)

Highest Punt Average, Season (50-74 punts):

Todd Sauerbrun, West Virginia, 1994: 48.4 (72 punts)

Highest Punt Average, Career (150-199 punts):

Todd Sauerbrun, West Virginia, 1991-1994: 46.3 (167 punts)

Most Punts, 50 Yards or More, Season:

Todd Sauerbrun, West Virginia, 1994: 32 (72 punts)

Most Yards on Kick Returns, Season:

Mardy Gilyard, Cincinnati, 2009: 1,483 (202 on punt returns, 1,281 on kickoff returns)

Highest Average Gain Per Play, Season (min 1,500 yards, 125 plays):

Mardy Gilyard, Cincinnati, 2009: 17.9 (2,060 yards on 150 plays)

Most Extra Point Attempts by Kick, Career:

Art Carmody, Louisville, 2004-2007: 255 (made 253)

Most Extra Points Made by Kick, Career:

Art Carmody, Louisville, 2004-2007: 253 (of 255 attempts)

Total Tackles, Per Game Average, Record, Season:

Rick Sherrod, West Virginia, 2001: 15.6 (156 tackles in 10 games)

Solo Tackles, Per Game Average Record, Season:

Rick Sherrod, West Virginia, 2001: 10.2 (102 tackles in 10 games)

Sacks, Per Game Average Record, Career:

Dwight Freeney, Syracuse 2000-2001: 1.61 (30.5 sacks in 19 games)

Forced Fumbles, Season:

Elvis Dumervil, Louisville, 2005: 10 (also has per game average record of .83 per game with 10 forced fumbles in 12 games)

Team Kickoff Return Average (min 35 returns):

Cincinnati, 2009: 28.5 (54 returns for 1,540 yards)

Most Consecutive Games Without a Tie (includes bowls):

Miami: 345 (November 11, 1968-end of the 1995 season)

Most Consecutive Victories at Home:

Miami: 58 at Orange Bowl (October 12, 1985-September 24, 1994-Lost to Washington 20-38)