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Video: Jay Wright Dances to Katy Perry in a Villanova Flash Mob

In addition to being the best dressed man in North America, Jay Wright can also apparently have a little fun with the Villanova student body. In the video below, coach Wright has all of the dancing skills one would expect of a middle aged man that spends most of his time indoors coaching basketball.

This begs the question: which Big East coach would you most like to see dance? If the question is which one would I have bet on seeing dance publicly first, I'd have said Skip Holtz in a New York Minute. Still, if I had to see a Big East coach dance and make a fool of himself, I'd go with Jim Calhoun. We all know that Calhoun would find a way to be the first person in history to look grumpy while dancing. I imagine it would look something like this video of Boris Yeltsin dancing when he was running for president in Russia.

And no, this will not help the football's chances to get a Big East invitation.