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Big East Team and Player Prop Bets from

With the season just a week away, here's a look at the individual player and team odds from for the Big East. There aren't a lot of player bets, but the ones we do have are interesting. I'm particularly interested in what people think about that bet on who will lead the Big East in passing yards and passing touchdowns. That should be an entertaining three man battle.

Bodog Player Props  
Geno Smith to Win the Heisman 35/1
Geno Smith Passing Yards  
Over 2999.5 -130
Under 2999.5 -110
Geno Smith Passing Total Passing Touchdowns  
Over 29.5 -105
Under 29.5 -135
Who Will Have the Most Passing Yards Per Game  
Geno Smith -175
Tino Sunseri +250
Zach Collaros +225
Who Will Have the Most Rushing Yards Per Game  
Antwon Bailey 17/2
Demetris Murray 15/2
Isaiah Pead 5/4
Ray Graham 7/4
Savon Huggins 13/2
Victor Anderson 9/2
Who Will Have the Most Rushing Touchdown  
Antwon Bailey 17/2
Demetris Murray 8/1
Isaiah Pead 2/3
Ray Graham 7/2
Savon Huggins 6/1
Victor Anderson 5/1
Who Will Have the Most Receiving Yards Per Game  
DJ Woods 15/4
Kashif Moore 3/1
Mark Harrison 9/2
Mike Shanahan 7/1
Tavon Austin 2/1
Van Chew 6/1
Who Will Have the Most Receiving Touchdowns  
DJ Woods 3/1
Kashif Moore 11/4
Mark Harrison 9/2
Mike Shanahan 7/1
Tavon Austin 5/2
Van Chew 15/2


Looking at these individual players odds, I am really surprised to see the over/under of Geno Smith's passing yards at 2999.5. Holgorsen has never had a quarterback throw for less than 4,000 yards in his years as an offensive coordinator. I can't imagine what the thought process is here because the odds don't really drive you to take either the over or the under. Maybe they just want you to not bet on Geno Smith at all. 

A bit surprised to see Kashif Moore with such good odds on the receiving stats only because there is such uncertainty at the quarterback position for Connecticut. A sleeper there might be Van Chew, given all of the issues surrounding Marcus Sales for Syracuse. 

And here are the team odds according to Bodog. If I was forced to place a bet, I would take West Virginia over nine wins, Syracuse under six wins, and South Florida under eight wins. But that's if I was forced because I think six wins for Syracuse and eight wins for USF is highly likely. So being forced to take over or under that, I'd be conservative and go under. Amazing that a year after winning the Big East, Connecticut is now the longest odds to win the league in 2011. 

Team Props and Title Odds  
South Florida Bulls - 2011 Regular Season Wins  
Over 8 +120
Under 8 -150
Syracuse Orange - 2011 Regular Season Wins  
Over 6 -130
Under 6 EVEN
West Virginia - 2011 Regular Season Wins  
Over 9 -115
Under 9 -115
Big East Odds to Win the Conference  
Connecticut 22/1
Cincinnati 7/1
Louisvillle 10/1
Pittsburgh 7/2
Rutgers 12/1
South Florida 5/2
Syracuse 18/1
West Virginia 2/1

So what do you think about your team's odds to win the league? It's another indicator of the league's parity that the longest shot to win the conference is only 22/1 odds. If you look at the SEC, for instance, Vanderbilt is 150/1. There's no real value for anyone to win the conference. Perhaps Louisville at 10/1 but that's really not great.