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A Princely Move to Conclude the SB Nation Conference Re-Draft Project

(via petejayhawk)

You might have forgotten all about this offseason project as nobody has said much about it after the first six rounds. The SB Nation Conference Re-Draft is quickly(?) wrapping up. We at Big East Coast Bias are now finished making our selections. We thought this project would be completed before the college football season started and it looks like we just might make that deadline.

With our 12th pick, we selected Kansas State (#RonP4ConferenceTMZ).

Here is our conference roster (by order of selection):

Ohio State (4th pick)

Florida State (9th pick)

Louisville (16th pick)

Michigan State (21st pick)

West Virginia (28th pick)

Maryland (33rd pick)

Missouri (40th pick)

Utah (45th pick)

Boise State (52nd pick)

Cincinnati (57th pick)

Mississippi State (64th pick)

Kansas State (69th pick)

After our last selection, the following current Big East schools were still available: DePaul, Marquette, Seton Hall, St. John's, Villanova, Rutgers and Providence.

There are only three picks remaining in the re-draft. Don't forget your power towel.