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Conference Re-Alignment by Geography: Big East

The Big Ten hitting the breaks on re-alignment/expansion isn't the only item up for viewing in that newsworthy category. Cowboy Altitude, the Wyoming site here at SB Nation, has been running a series on conference re-alignment based on "better geography" (for FBS football only).

Today's offering is the Big East, which has been renamed: The Wicked Nor'easter Conference.

Before you hate on the name, remember this: the Big East is apparently being sponsored by Samuel Adams Beer under this scenario. 

Here are the teams that would be in the new Big East, er, Wicked Nor'easter Conference:

Boston College, Connecticut, Syracuse, Army, Buffalo, Penn State, West Virginia, Pittsburgh, Rutgers and Temple

What do you think about this setup as a football only conference? There is a poll over at Cowboy Altitude to vote in as well. No, I don't know why there are only 10 teams. No, I don't know why Buffalo was selected over Maryland.