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Audio: Mark Emmert Not Opposed to Death Penalty in Miami Case

NCAA president mark Emmert was on 790 The Zone in Atlanta with Mayhem in the AM this morning talking about the Miami case among other topics. Unfortunately, Emmert was not asked about the NCAA's statute of limitations and whether or not it could be lifted in the case of the Hurricanes. This is a question of interest here at Big East Coast Bias because if the statute of limitations (which is four years) is lifted, then the achievements of Miami in the Big East in 2002 and 2003 may be at risk of being wiped out.

When Emmert was asked about his stance on the death penalty by the hosts, he responded:

"We need to have penalties in place that give all those people serious pause so they say ‘I don’t want to find myself in that situation.’ If that includes the death penalty I’m okay with that."

It should be remembered that it will be up to the Committee on Infractions and not an answer to a radio interview that will determine whether or not the death penalty is used in the Miami case. The vice president for enforcement, Julie Roe Lach, told the New York Times on Wednesday that she had not heard discussion go in the direction of the death penalty or even a TV ban.

Here is the audio of the interview. Do you think that Miami is getting the death penalty in this case if the allegations are true? Should they?