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John Marinatto Reaches Out to ACC, Big 12 Commissioners on Expansion

Big East commissioner John Marinatto has been openly active lately concerning the issue of conference expansion. Marinatto has been trying to save college football from turning into a free for all of BCS conferences picking apart each other or the other FBS conferences. Marinatto talked to CBS Sports about his intentions to help restore integrity to the collegiate model of football.

I suggested to both Dan Beebe and John Swofford that the Big East, Big 12 and ACC take the lead and meet face-to-face to collaborate in a manner that is consistent with Mark Emmert’s recent call for integrity within college athletics," Marinatto told

Is this call for the BCS commissioners to not pursue their own interests aggressively going to work? For the moment, any BCS conference not doing whatever it can to put itself in the best position to thrive and/or simply survive is being foolish. Beebe and Swofford said they are open to Marinatto's idea that the conferences, while being competitors, should find ways to work with each other for the good of the sport. Just wait till a member of the ACC or yet another member of the Big 12 actually gets picked off and see how they feel about being constructive.

In the article, the problem of not having a general college football commissioner is raised. We wanted to ask you about that issue and whether or not you think it would help the sport (the fact that this article was written in the wake of the Miami scandal was not intentional). If you have any thoughts about such a commissioner, drop those in the comments.