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NCAA Football 12 Simulates the 2012 Season

Don't want to wait to see how TCU is going to dominate the Big East in their first year? Um, us either...? After I simulated the 2011 season, I added TCU to the Big East on NCAA Football 12 and simulated the 2012 season to get a glimpse of the path of destruction the Horned Frogs are going to leave in their wake next season.

Here's what it looked like:

2012 Big East Regular Season Standings
Team Overall Conference
TCU 11-1 8-0
South Florida 9-3 7-1
West Virginia 7-5 4-4
Louisville 6-6 4-4
Rutgers 6-6 3-5
Cincinnati 3-9 3-5
Connecticut 6-6 3-5
Pittsburgh 6-6 2-6
Syracuse 4-8 2-6

TCU might have skated through the Big East, but their blowout loss to Oklahoma ensured that they only ended up in the Rose Bowl against Oregon, which they lost to the Ducks. South Florida went on a six game win streak to finish the season after their loss to TCU dropped them to 3-3. West Virginia had initial trouble adjusting to life after Geno Smith at quarterback but ended the season 4-1 in their final five games. Louisville started off 4-2 and then faded. Rutgers, Connecticut and Pittsburgh all had up and down seasons. Cincinnati had a terrible year but picked off Pittsburgh, Louisville and Connecticut in conference. Syracuse never got any traction coming off a season where Notre Dame stole a bowl spot.

Despite the TCU loss, the Big East finished 3-2 in the bowl season.

TCU's Casey Pachall was the only Big East QB to go over 3,000 yards passing on the season. South Florida's Demetris Murray and TCU's Matthew Tucker were the only running backs to top 1,000 yards rushing in the Big East.


Oregon quarterback Darron Thomas won the Heisman Trophy. He threw for 3,733 yards and rushed for another 634 yards while scoring 42 total touchdowns. Casey Pachall came in fourth in the Heisman voting for his 3,117 yard passing, 452 yard rushing, 36 total TD season.

TCU linebacker Kenny Cain won the Nagurski Trophy and the Butkus Award.

TCU defensive end Matt Anderson won the Lombardi Award.



Defensive End: Matt Anderson, TCU

Linebacker: Kenny Cain, TCU

Returner: Stedman Bailey, West Virginia


Safety: Jurrell Thompson, TCU

Kicker: Tyler Bitancurt, West Virginia


Running Back: Adam Davis, Connecticut (This is not a real person, but Connecticut coaches might want to check out the Norwich area for a running back in case the game is engaging in prophecy)

Two other notes: Pittsburgh, the game says you will be hiring Rick Neuheisel as an offensive coordinator after the 2012 season. Cincy fans, Butch Jones will be fired after the 2012 season.