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Pardon the Cobwebs

So we haven't been posting that much lately, here's why:

Mengus was entertaining family in anticipation of getting married (which happened this past Saturday). Naturally, he's out on assignment this week: honeymoon assignment.

I was at the West Coast BECB headquarters this past week trying to outpace the expansion rumors in simulating the 2011 and 2012 college football season to show you all just how silly the NCAA Football 12 game is. The results are in and will be up this week, hopefully sooner rather than later.

In addition to that, my Yahoo! assignments never really stop. However, one of the latest ones may be of some general interest here. If you wanted to win a BCS National Title from 2000-2009 (2010 as well but that wasn't part of the article), you needed your starting quarterback or the aggregate of your quarterbacks to average a minimum of a 49.9 Positive Impact Factor rating. Obviously, solid quarterback play is not all you need to win a title. Ken Dorsey only had a PIF of 51.6 on that great 2001 Miami team (the only Big East team to win a BCS title during that stretch) that allowed fewer than 10 points per game.

Another factor in the lack of posts is that I have to present a paper (which is now being furiously written) at the political science conference in Seattle in less than a month. Actually, the day I present at the conference is the first day of the college football season. Don't worry, I'll be bolting Seattle that same day because well duh, North Carolina Central and Rutgers are playing.

Finally, CONFERENCE EXPANSIONPALOOZA...fizzle. I didn't post a thing about Texas A&M to the SEC! and how the Big East should respond because the deal didn't happen over the weekend. There's no need to fire up the speculation machine about Super Conferences, West Virginia sneaking off to the ACC during the middle of the night or Louisville going Texas on us and joining the incredulously named Big 12. Wait, that one was not a rumor. Yes, the Longhorn Conference put the Cardinals on their short list of 20 schools to call. Louisville is passing on that opportunity. The $5 million dollar Big East exit fee could be a factor. The probable non-existence of the Big 12 once the disgruntled schools leave is another issue to consider. The only real thing that needs to be said about the Big East regarding expansion is that they damn well better already be on the phone with some schools if the Big East conference wants to exist in the future.