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NCAA Football 12 All Big East Team: Defense

EA Sports' new college football game NCAA Football 12 hits the shelves on July 12. The teambuilder site is up already which means we can take a look at the ratings for every player on the game. Big East Coast Bias is going to give you a big shortcut here and tell you which players from the Big East are the highest rated with our All Big East Team Offense and Defense. Bear in mind before you read this that EA frequently gets players wrong (they aren't supposed to be the actual student-athletes anyway) or subs players from one position to another (especially Tight Ends as Fullbacks). Pittsburgh has the most defensive selections with four, followed by Cincinnati, South Florida and West Virginia (all with two). Click here to see the All Big East Offensive Team.

Defensive End: Brandon Lindsey, Pittsburgh: 91; Julian Miller, West Virginia: 90

Defensive Tackle: Chas Alecxih, Pittsburgh: 90; Myles Caragein, Pittsburgh: 85

Linebacker: Sio Moore, Connecticut, 89; J.K. Schaffer, Cincinnati: 89; Devekeyan Lattimore, South Florida: 86

Cornerback: Quenton Washington, South Florida: 86; Keith Tandy, West Virginia: 86

Free Safety: Jarred Holley, Pittsburgh: 87

Strong Safety: Hakeem Smith, Louisville: 86

Punter: Patrick O'Donnell, Cincinnati: 83