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Big East Linkage - July 18

Big East Linkage is a news roundup feature on BECB. Feel free to send us any relevant links, stories or posts you think might be interesting to readers at bigeastcoastbias at gmail dot com.

Our feisty Rutgers site thinks the five year recruiting average is the best predictor of future success and that means Rutgers will at least bounce back to its typical seven or eight win seasons.

Card Chronicle wonders aloud if Louisville apparently talking to basketball prospect Andrew White about reclassifying to the class of 2011 portends bad things for the eligibility of Wayne Blackshear and Kevin Ware.

Mike Haywood is determined to make his firing from Pittsburgh is as embarrassing for him personally as possible. Next step, play the race card.

ESPN's Big East Blogger Andrea Adelson sat down for a quick Q&A with Cincinnati quarterback Zach Collaros.

Syracuse guards Brandon Triche and Scoop Jardine are working to shed weight for the upcoming season.

Louisville sophomore defensive tackle Brandon Dunn is ready to make an impact this year. After playing as an undersized true freshman, Dunn is up well over 300 pounds. Louisville also managed to beat out its in state rival for big offensive lineman Joe Manley.

Syracuse football players are killing themselves in the weight room to get ready for the upcoming season.