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2010 Big East Team Offensive Positive Impact Factor

With the 2011 season approaching, BECB wanted to look back at how quarterbacks performed last year using the Positive Impact Factor (what's this?). First, we looked at how the starting quarterbacks in the Big East ranked in 2010. Now we'll look at the teams as a whole.

Big East Team Offensive Positive Impact Factor Rankings 2010
National Rank Team Touches Total TD Neg Play X Neg Play X Pos Play PIF
38. Pittsburgh 411 18 37.5 17.3 4.4 49.6
55. West Virginia 488 24 35.2 23.4 4.9 46.3
63. Cincinnati 576 31 39.4 22 5.4 43.9
71. Louisville 421 24 39.7 23.2 5.7 42.8
78. Connecticut 407 10 45 15.6 2.5 41.9
79. South Florida 444 19 37.2 25.3 4.3 41.8
100. Rutgers 400 13 51.3 16.4 3.3 35.6
107. Syracuse 430 20 47 25.1 4.7 32.6

Obviously, if your team only really used one quarterback last season, the numbers in this post aren't going to be much different than the individual starting quarterback article.

Overall, Auburn remained in the #1 spot after the few touches by guys not named Cam Newton were added in. Temple was saved from last place as a team by their other quarterbacks out performing those of Bowling Green. The Falcons took over the worst spot in the FBS as a result. Click here to see the whole list.

The Big East teams that were most impacted by the addition of other quarterbacks to the total were Connecticut, Louisville, Rutgers and South Florida. None of those teams had additional quarterbacks play enough to make the FBS leader board. However, Louisville was able to jump Connecticut and South Florida because of the play of Justin Burke (44.7 PIF). South Florida was also able to make up some ground on Connecticut due to Bobby Eveld's 41.6 PIF and also because Cody Endres really sank the Huskies rating.