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Rank the Big East Athletic Departments

We want all the input we can get for the SB Nation Conference Re-Draft Project. So today, we want you to rank the top three Big East athletic departments. Our poll question below is based on national championships. However, you can also choose the parameters of what makes for the best athletic department however you want (as long as you actually tell us in the comments). There's clearly more combinations of ranking the teams than we've included in the poll but we wanted to throw a few out there.

Again, feel free to discard the choices in the poll and go for the other so you can stump for your school in the comments. Remember that if we select your program we get the entire package of NCAA sports that are played at your school. The conference re-draft begins next Monday, June 13, over at BC Interruption who won the first pick in the draft by means we cannot comprehend. BECB picks fourth.