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Beat Reporter: Bill Stewart Sought Dirt on Dana Holgorsen in December

In yet another twist to the sopa opera that is West Virginia football, former West Virginia beat writer Colin Dunlap for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette went on 93.7 FM in Pittsburgh and stated that Bill Stewart called him and another reporter in December of 2010 seeking dirt on his prospective replacement Dana Holgorsen. Dunlap stated that Stewart called him and another reporter, asking if they had any dirt at all on Holgorsen in what was an obvious attempt to submarine his being hired as Stewart's replacement. Stewart reportedly asked specifically if Dunlap knew of any DUIs or other alcohol related issues that Holgorsen might have had on record in Texas or Oklahoma.

This news comes just a day after SBNation's own Charley West reported that Stewart himself was the source for Chuck Landon's now debunked hit piece on Dana Holgorsen on May 29. At this point, it is difficult to imagine that Stewart remains on the staff come fall. You can listen to the audio of Dunlap's primary accusation below. Patrick Southern of the Blue and Gold News has a very good summary of the issues at this point here.

CREDIT: KDKA-FM PITTBURGH by sportsxbrooks